Who Are You?

On this page we will list the people associated with the sites we are researching. They will be added once their biographies have been researched and written!
Once their name shows up green just click on it and discover their amazing and exciting lives!


Adam d’Yrton – Irton Hall, Cumbria



Eudo fitz Hubert, Eudo Dapifer, Eudo the Steward

King Ǽlfred The Great

King Athelstan

King Cnut – King of England between 1017-1035.

Lucy M. Boston – Author.

Sir Stephen Foster, Lord Mayor of London

The Cornovii Tribe, England

The Silure Tribe

The Vacomagi Tribe, Moray, Scotland

Cadwaladr ap Gruffudd ap Cynan

Geoffrey de Mandeville – Scourge of the Fens



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