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Deal Castle

    TR 35 SE 6 Scheduled Monument The castle is designed in a double clover-leaf design.     It’s main role was to defended part of the Kent coastline at a time when there was a Catholic threat from France and Spain. It… Continue Reading “Deal Castle”

Wroxeter; Urioconion; Viroconion; Cornoviorum; Caer Guricon.

  Located in Shropshire, this once bustling Roman town was the fourth largest in Roman Britannia, once covering around 63 ha, it was originally built as a fort which housed 500 troops and was a major site of importance being located on Watling Street,… Continue Reading “Wroxeter; Urioconion; Viroconion; Cornoviorum; Caer Guricon.”

The Shetland Islands

  There are about 15 islands which make up what is known today as the Shetland Islands. The old Norse name was Hjaltand, and it is not known what the original name was.   The islands were first inhabited by the hunter-gatherers of the… Continue Reading “The Shetland Islands”

Grimspound Bronze Age Enclosure

  Grimspound is an amazing Bronze Age settlement located on Dartmoor in Devon. It sits 450 m above sea level and covers an area of around 4 acres (16,000 sq. m). The site includes hut circles (round houses) surrounded by a low stone wall.… Continue Reading “Grimspound Bronze Age Enclosure”

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