ST Carter Artwork

Ever since I can remember I have always enjoyed drawing  but as a youngster that talent was thrown into my passion at the time – horses!

I had the best art teacher at my high school in Broadstairs, Kent. Instead of trying to get me to draw other things, as all the other art teachers had done, he encouraged me to really LOOK at the horse – to know its structure, bones, muscles, hair etc. He encouraged me to look deep into the actual flow of the animal and uncover the real animal…..

Northern Bay


As with everything, life happened. I got married, moved to Australia, had a family and lived – I never drew.

This year, 2020, COVID hit the planet and it made me stop and think what is really important to me. What did I want to keep doing with my life and how was I going to live the rest of it.

Fortified Britain is my passion. My father, Mudge Carter, was a tour guide and researcher at Dunster Castle in Somerset and I spent many wonderful and happy moments with him, behind doors closed to the public, exploring and understanding that grand old structure, its history and the people associated with it – who even today spread across the world including Australia and America.

There is no question in my mind that Fortified Britain was my future. But is that enough? I had completed my third manuscript – Hijacked Archaeology: Arthurian Fact or Fiction? and I wanted to include pen and ink images. I thought about doing them myself, but all I had drawn in the past were horses….. I gave it a go.

Thanks to the training my art teacher had given me, and his encouragement, plus my training as an archaeologist and ‘getting your eye in’ I looked hard at the images I wished to recreate – and did it!

To my surprise they turned out really good!

The Tristan Stone, Cornwall.

So I decided to illustrate the manuscript myself……. (plug here – you can purchase it on my store to download!).

I have decided to include my images as artwork available to even the smallest budget – on mobile phone cases, mugs and as artwork for your wall. I would like everyone to have the chance to view and understand the amazing archaeological and historical artefacts that have made Britain the country she is today!

Bannockburn Battleaxe


You can view my artwork by clicking HERE


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