Parents/Students Terms & Conditions

Junior Archaeologists Online Sessions

Terms and Conditions


Fortified Britain are responsible for providing an archaeological education program which is delivered online in a friendly and nurturing learning environment.

If a student fails to attend a program, course fees will not be refunded or allocated to another course.

Fortified Britain reserves the right to cancel, postpone or re-schedule courses due to unforeseen circumstances.

Fortified Britain will not tolerate any rude or abusive behaviour online to either the instructor or other attendees of the program. This includes threats, verbal abuse or any rude, intimidating or unacceptable gestures, constantly changing backgrounds and excessive moving around whilst the session is in progress, and constant interruptions. Any such behaviour will result in your child being removed from the program permanently.

Fortified Britain holds the right to refuse access to a program.


All documents and online slides and images are copyrighted to Fortified Britain and therefore under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are they to be copied, screen shot, or distributed to others. Legal action will be taken for non-compliance.


By enrolling and attending the Junior Archaeologists Sessions you agree to the above Terms and Conditions.
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