Hawton: Sconce Hill: Queen’s Sconce



Scheduled Monument – Monument Number 322226


Medieval moated manor house, fishpond, post Medieval redoubt, rectangular with projecting bastions at the angles and surrounded by a moat which encloses an area of 426.5 ft by 295 – 495 ft. Covering approximately 3 acres.

Named after Queen Henrietta.

Originally had a wet moat.


15th C                          Manor house built by Thomas Molyneux.

1640’s                         Civil War: Redoubt constructed.

1642-1651                   During the Civil War: Royalists converted to a redoubt defended by a ditch measuring 16.4 ft wide which connected with the original moat. A gun platform was constructed in the north east corner overlooking the Newark-Hawton Road. Held by Parliament.

1645-1646                   Fort on site shown on Richard Champs Map of the Siege of Newark.

17th C                          Rectangular dry moat.

1957                            Restored.

1962                            Field Investigation.

1974                            Field Investigation.

1994                            Scheduled.

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