Ombersley Abbots Palace: Ombersley Court



  • Ombersley, Worcestershire
  • OSGB – SO 840 626
  • Grade I Listed Building


Medieval Abbott’s Palace.

Visited by the Duke of Wellington.


1282-1316                   John de Brockhampton added a vaulted room.

13th C                          Existed.

1367                            Abbott William de Bois died at the Palace.

1367-1379                   Abbott John Ombersley added a hall and two rooms, a stable and a small grange.

1376                            Abbott John Ombersley obtained a licence to enclose 300 acres to make a park.

1379-1418                   Abbott Roger Zatton restored a fishpond, rebuilt the dovecote, kitchen and chapel.

1420                            Mentioned in the Pipe Rolls.

1546-1547                   Leased for 21 years to Philip Brace of Doverdale, also leased for 21 years to Robert Constable.

1560                            Elizabeth I leased it for 21 years to William Gerrard.

1560                            William Gerrard surrendered it to the Crown.

1574-1575                   Granted to John Hammond and John Hull for 31 years when Sir John Bourne’s lease expired.

1584                            Surveyed and the site included a timber hall, a house at the south end, a room at the east end joining the Court, a stone built chapel with a timber roof, rooms to the south and east of the chapel and a room on the north side of the Hall. Buildings restored.

1594                            Lease for 31 years was granted to Sir Samuel Sandys with effect from 1608.

1608                            Sir Samuel Sandys already held the lease.

1610                            Part of the estate granted by James I to Henry, Prince of Wales.

1612                            Prince Henry died.

1614                            Granted to Sir Samuel Sandys (1).

1685                            Sir Samuel died and it passed to his son, Samuel (2).

1689-1694                   Rebuilt.

1701                            Passed to Samuel (3).

1770                            Samuel (3) died and was succeeded by his son, Edwin.

1774                            Lord Sandys was visited at the house by a Dr. Johnston.

1797                            Edwin died at the Court and it passed to his niece Mary, daughter of Martin Sandys.

1802                            Mary was made Baroness Sandys of Ombersley.

1807                            23rd September: Marchioness of Downshire resided at the Court. Her visitors included the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Suffolk.

1836                            Mary died and the title and lands went to her second son, Arthur Moyses William Hill.

1843                            6th September: Dowager Queen and the Duchess of Kent visited the Dowager.

1860                            Arthur was succeeded by his younger brother Arthur Marcus Cecil Hill.

1861                            Arthur Marcus Cecil Hill took the name Sandys.

1863                            Arthur Marcus Cecil Hill Sandys died and it passed to his son Augustus Frederick Arthur Sandys.

19th C                          Re-fronted with stone.

1904                            Augustus Frederick Arthur Sandys died and it passed to his younger brother Michael Edwin Marcus, Lord Sandys.



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