Abberley Hall: Abberley Castle: Abbotsley: Abberley Lodge

  • Abberley Hill, Worcestershire
  • OSGB – SO 7460 6698


Medieval castle.


1310                            c: Went to Thomas de Leyborne through marriage.

1405                            Defended by Meredith against the Welsh.

1487-1531                   Owned by the Crown.

1531                            after: Owned by Sir Walter Walshe.

1532                            Henry VIII gave it to Sir William Walshe and his wife Elizabeth.

1540-1546                   Itinerary of John Leland: Castle.

1590                            c: Owned by Walter Walshe of Marlborough.

1590-1610                   Owned by the Crown.

1610-1645                   Owned by William Walshe.

1645-1682                   Owned by Joseph Walshe, a Royalist.

1682-1708                   Owned by the poet, William Walshe.

1708                            Passed through marriage to the Bromley family.

1708-1740                   Owned by Francis Bromley and his wife, Anne.

1710                            c: Given to Ralph de Todini for a short time.

1740-1769                   Owned by William Bromley.

1769-1803                   Owned by Robert Bromley.

1803-1836                   Owned by Col. Henry Bromley.

1836                            Bought by John Lewis Moillet who demolished the castle.

1845                            John Lewis Moilet died and the house burnt down.

1845-1867                   Lands owned by James Moillet

1846-1849                   Rebuilt on the old foundations.

1867-1880                   Owned by Joseph Jones, a cotton magnate.

1880-1888                   Owned by John Joseph Jones.

1883-1885                   Extended and redecorated for John Joseph Jones by J.P. St Aubyn. He built a clock tower and the main entrance lodge.

1888                            c: John Douglas added the North Lodge.

1888-1902                   Owned by William Jones.

1902-1916                   Owned by Frederick William Jones

1916                            Owned by James Arthur Jones, then Abberley Hall School.

1962                            The top of the belvedere on the house was remodeled.

1970-1975                   Garden at the front of the house.



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