• Wall, Staffordshire
  • OSGB – SK 0990 0640


Temporary Roman camp built over LECTOCETUM 1.which faced Watling Street.

Rough carved human figures found on sandstone blocks of the stone building foundations.


110-112                         Built. Stone buildings constructed over wattle and daub building which faced Watling Street.

2nd C                             Bath house built with buttressed and vaulted roof.

3rd C                              Cold plunge and undressing room added to the bath house.

4th C                              Alterations include small hot bath and large palaestra. Defences built but did not include Baths.

4th C                              Early: Road fort or defended civilian settlement.

1988-1990                     Aerial photograph.

20th C                            Pilae of hypercausted tepidarium and caldarium still in position in the bath house.



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