Tutbury Castle: Toteberie

  • Nr Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire
  • OSGB – SK 2092 2921
  • Scheduled Monument.
  • Grade I Listed Building.


Medieval motte and bailey castle.

Belonged to Henry of Bollingbroke, Duke of Lancaster.


1066-1071                     Built for John of Gaunt.

1071                              William I granted the castle to Henry, Lord of Ferrers.

1086                              Forty two men were recorded as being in the castle.

11th C                            Owned by Henry Ferrers.

1138                              Robert Ferrers was created Lord of Derby.

1174                              William Ferrers and his sons conspired against Henry II. The king besieged and took the castle.

1175                              Demolished by Henry II, but rebuilt with a stone shell keep on the motte.

12th C                            Free standing chapel added.

1213-1214                     New gateway costing £100 built by Thomas, Earl of Lancaster.

1263                              Damaged by Prince Edward.

1265                              After: Passed to the Earls of Lancaster.

1266                              The castle went to Prince Edward, when Earl Robert joined the Baron’s Rebellion.

1267                              Restored when Edward became Earl of Lancaster. Works included a large hall and range of buildings.

1275                              Before: Belonged to the Ferrers family.

1322                              10th March: Edward stayed at the castle.

1326                              December: Edward II gave the castle to Henry of Lancaster.

1362                              Repaired by the new owner, John of Gaunt.

1392                              Work began on the wall.

1399-1406                     New wall and tower built.

14th C                            Early: Rebuilt. Gatehouse added by John of Gaunt.

1400                              Extensive rebuilding undertaken.

1420-1440                     South curtain wall built.

1442                              South tower was begun.

1446-1461                     Given to Margaret of Anjou.

1450’s                           South Tower completed.

1460                              North Tower completed.

15th C                            Towers added and the curtain wall built.

1523                              Bad state of repair.

1516                              Kitchen roof fell off.

1561                              Repairs undertaken to Gillot Tower.

1568                              Castle prepared to take Mary, Queen of Scots, as a prisoner.

1569                              January: Mary, Queen of Scots was taken to Wingfield.

1569                              4th February: The High Tower was a temporary prison for Mary, Queen of Scots.

1570                              January: Mary, Queen of Scots returned to the castle.

1570                              August: Mary, Queen of Scots moved to Wingfield.

1586                              Mary, Queen of Scots, last visit to the castle.

1595                              January: In bad repair.

1597                              Estimate for repairs given at £200, but were not carried out.

16th C                            Until: Neglected.

1619                              James I visited the castle.

1620                              James I visited the castle.

1624                              James I visited the castle.

1631-1635                     Medieval range replaced.

1643                              Unsuccessfully seiged by Parliament.

1645                              May: Charles I and his army were at the castle.

1646                              20th April: The castle surrendered after a three week siege.

1647                              Orders by Parliament to destroy the castle were not fully carried out.

1647-1648                     Slighted by Parliament. It was the last Royal stronghold in Staffordshire.

1662                              Some parts of the castle repaired.

1760                              Small folly built on the site of the keep.

1832                              Plans to turn the castle into a prison were turned down.

1833                              The Duchy of Lancaster spent £250 on repairs.

1847                              Tickets were being sold to view the castle.

19th C                            Folly, Julius’s Tower, on motte.

1913                              Works carried out.

1955-1957                     Excavated

1957                              Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh visited the castle.

1958                              Field Investigation.

1975                              Field Investigation.

1978                              Scheduled.

1986-1988                     Excavated

1982                              Elizabeth II visited the castle.

1992-1995                     Surveyed and Measured.

1999                              Garden and Herbery restoration began.

2001                              Assessed

2001                              Evaluated

2001                              Geophysical Survey

2004-2005                     Excavated



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