Thrumpton: Thurmodeston: Thrumpton Hall: The Hall



Scheduled Monument – Monument Number 894390

Grade I Listed Building – Hall

Grade II Listed Building – Gatehouse, east and west gateways


Medieval moat, had a Priest’s hole. The old gatehouse stands near the church.


1261                              Held by Sir Henry Puttrell.

*                                    Inherited by Robert Puttrell, son of Sir Henry Puttrell.

*                                    Robert Puttrell settled it upon his son, Geoffrey and his wife Joan.

1368                              John Munchensy settled it on Geoffrey Puttrell and his wife, Agnes.

*                                    After Geoffrey died it went to Richard Puttrell, Geoffrey’s son.

1399                              Richard Puttrell died  without issue and it went to Agnes, daughter of Edmund Poutrell, and her husband John Laverok.

1401                              Edmund Poutrell conveyed it to Sir Ralph Shirley.

*                                    Theo and John Puttrell conveyed it to Gervase Pigot (1).

1605                              The Priest’s hole was used to hide Father Garnett, involved in the Gunpowder Plot.

1630                              New house was built by the Pigot family.

1660’s                           Carved staircase added.

1669                              Visited by historian and author of The History of Nottinghamshire, Robert Thoroton, MD, and Dugdale, the Warwickshire historian.

1672                              Held by Gervase Pigot (2), great grandson of Gervase Pigot (1).

1694                              Mr. Pigot died and it was sold to Mr. John Emmerton.

*                                    John Emmerton died and left it to the youngest son of his nephew.

1702                              Held by John Emmerton.

1790                              Held by John Emmerton Wescomb Emmerton. Still standing.

1835                              Mr. Emmerton Wescomb died and the estate was divided between three nieces, the eldest inherited the Hall. Called The Hall on Sanderson’s Map.

1843                              The eldest niece, Lucy Elizabeth Jane Wescomb, married George Anson, 8th Lord Byron.

1884                              Held and managed by Lucy Emmerton Wescomb, Lady Byron. Called Thrumpton Hall.

1912                              Lucy died

*                                    Inherited by George Frederick William Byron, 9th Lord Byron.

*                                    Inherited by Rev. Frederick Ernest Charles Byron, 10th Lord Byron.

1952                              Thrumpton Hall listed as a Grade I Listed Building.

1975                              Field Investigation.

1987                              Gateways Grade II Listed Buildings.

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