Walsall Castle: Le Mote.


Site of Walsall Manor


  • Walsall, Staffordshire
  • OSGB – SP 00 99
  • Monument Number 329516


Medieval Castle. Manor House.

The moat dug after the buildings were on the site.


1199-1216                     Believed to have had buildings on the site during this period.

1220’s                            Held by William le Rous.

1275                              Manor first mentioned.

1276                              Owned by William de Morteyn.

1283                             William de Morteyn died, and it passed to Roger de Morteyn.

  •                           When Roger de Morteyn died it passed to Ralph, Lord Basset.

1380’s                          Held by the Lords of Walsall.

1385-1386                     Repaired and extended, including a new drawbridge and gates. Possibly lived in by Lady Neville.

1389                             Lord Basset stayed at the site.

1390                              Lord Basset died.

1390’s                            Late: Repaired.

1417                              Chapel no longer used.

1430’s                            Abandoned.

1576                              No buildings remained on the site.

1763                             Site held by Mr. Holmes, and included two houses.

1885                             By; North arm of the moat filled in.

1974                            Most of the remainder of the moat was still wet.

20th C                            Nothing visible.

  •                             Excavated by Walsall Local History Society.



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