Rushall Hall

Rushall Hall


  • Walsall, Staffordshire
  • OSGB – SP 0255 9989
  • Scheduled Monument.
  • Grade II Listed Building – Curtain walls and Gatehouse.


Medieval fortified manor house.


12th C                            First recorded.

13th C                            Gatehouse.

1300                              c: Curtain walls.

14th C                            Wall and moat.

1430-1540                     Owned by the Harpur family. Their crest is above the gateway.

15th C                            Rebuilt by the Grubbere family.

1500                              c: Gatehouse built onto thirteenth century gatehouse.

16th C                            Gatehouse. Middle: Held by the Leigh family.

1600                              c: Windows and second floor added to the gatehouse.

1642                              Fortified by Edward Leigh, MP, Parliamentarian.

1643                              Prince Rupert took the Hall which was being held by Edward Leigh’s wife.

1644                              Retaken by Parliament.

1830-1840                     c: Partially demolished.

19th C                            House.

1945                              Sold.


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