Perton Manor House

Perton Manor.


  • Jenny Walkers Lane, Perton, Staffordshire
  • OSGB – SO 8605 9859
  • Monument Number 116811


Medieval moated manor house. Part of the moat still wet.


1211                              Manor held by Ranulph de Perton.

1241                              Ranulph de Perton died. He was succeeded by his son John.

1257                              John de Perton died. He was succeeded by his son Ranulph de Perton.

1258                              Ranulph de Perton took charge of the manor and estates of his late father. He is recorded as having paid homage to the King, Henry III.

1259                               Ranulph de Perton died without issue whilst fighting in Wales. His brother William succeeded him. He paid homage to Henry III. William is recorded to have been poaching the King’s deer from the nearby forest.

1277                               Willliam de Perton had to undertake the 8 days service owing to the King, in Wales.

1280                               William de Perton died at the Menai Straights. His son John succeeded him, was  minor.

1285                               John de Perton held his lands.

1307                                 Granted Free Warren over his lands.

1315                                John was Knight in Parliament for Staffordshire.

1317                                John raised 2,000 men to assist with the Kings fight against the Scots.

1331                                John de Perton died. His son William succeeded him.

1361                                William died and his son, John, succeeded him.

1336-1337                      John fought in Scotland under Ralph, Lord Stafford. Including the Battle of Halidoun Hill.

1341                                 The King appointed John as Escheator (Royal Officer) for Worcester, Gloucester, Salop, Stafford, Hereford and the Welsh Marches.

1346                                 John fought at the Battle of Crecy under William de Clynton, Earl of Huntingdon.

1356                                 John fought at the Battle of Poitiers under Henry, Duke of Lancaster.

1360                                 John was appointed Commissioner to Array – responsible for ensuring men were armed and ready to defend the country in the King’s absence.

1364                                 John requested to the King to enlarge his manor house.

1371                               John de Perton was Sheriff of Staffordshire.

1388                                John de Perton died and infighting between extended family and others haunted the Manor for years.

c.1420                            William de Perton, son of Leo de Perton, held the manor.

1428                                Sir John Stafford died – he had held the title of the Manor – and was succeeded by his son Humphrey Stafford.

1470                                Sir Walter Wrottesley was mentioned as Lord of the Manor.

1473                                Sir Walter Wrottesley died

1509-1547                     Between: Manor bought by James Leveson.

  •                             Held by James Leveson’s son Sir Richard Leverson.
  •                             Held by Richard Leveson’s son,  Walter Leveson.

1662                              Sir Walter Wrottesley purchased the manor.

1820                              In ruins.

1958                              Field Investigation.

1974                              Field Investigation.

1976                              Field Investigation.



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