• Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire
  • OSGB – SJ 8309 4904


Roman fort, Roman town covering 3-4 acres defended by a double ditch system with the inner ditch cut into bed rock, rampart of sandstone core, revetted with turf and laced with timber. Ditch filled in. Originally measuring 5m wide and 2m deep.

Built over.


70’s                               Early: Possibly built.

1st C                              Occupied.

1895                              Excavated.

1925                              Excavated.

1933                              Excavated.

1956                              Excavated.

1969                              Excavated.

1974                              Field Investigation.

1977                              Excavated.

1986                              Evaluated.

1996                              Evaluated.

1998                              Evaluated.

2000                              Watching Brief.



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