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Abnalls Lane, Lichfield

Alder Grove

Alton Castle: Alverton: Aulton: Alverston

Anslow Road

Ashton by Stone

Aston Hall

Aston Lane, Onneley

Audley Castle Hill

Audley’s Moat

Bagot’s Bromley 

Bagot’s Park

Baileys Wood: Biddulph Lea Forge

Beaudesert Hall

Beffcote Manor

Berth Hill: Camp Hill

Berry Ring

Bestcot Hall: Berkmondescote

Bilston: Pype Hall

Bishop’s Wood Hillfort

Blackhalve Lane: Le Mok?


Blithfield Hall

Blithewood Moat: Homestead Moat

Blore Hall

Blounts Hall

Booden Farm

Barrow Cop

Brazenhill Lane, Haughton

Brewood Manor

Brockhurst Lane, Blymhill

Brockhurst Road, Brockhurst

Bromley Wood

Broughton Hall

Bunbury Hill

Burton Manor

Burton-upon-Trent: Burt

Burton-upon-Trent Abbey: Andresega, Manor House

Bury Bank: Stone, Berry Bank: Darlaston: The Rings

Bushbury Hall

Butts Lane, Norton Canes

Collingwood Hall

Cannock Manor: Kanocbury

Castle Church: Montevile

Castle Croft: Huntley Castle

Castle Hill, Audley

Castle Hill, Ashley

Castle Mound

Castle Ring: Cannock Castle Ring: Cannock Wood

Caverswall Castle: Caverswell: Carswell: Cavereswelle

Charnes Old Hall

Chartley Castle: Chartley Holme: Chartley by Stowe

Chartley Hall

Chebsey: Chebeseye: Cebbesio: Chebbesey


Claygates Road, Gailey

Colby Hall

Coppenhall Gorse: The Hyde Manor?

Cross in the Hand Lane, Lichfield

Croxall Hall


Daffodil Wood

Dark Lane, Lichfield

Derrington Lane, Castle Church

Dimsdale Old Hall

Draycott Manor

Drayton Lane, Drayton Bassett

Drointon No. 1

Drointon No. 2

Dudley Castle

East Gate, Stafford Town Defences

Eccleshall Castle

Elford Park

Engleton Hall Farm

Essington Hall Farm

Eye’s Manor House


Fatholme Farm


Forest of Kinver

Forest Road, Drayton Cliff

Graisley Old Hall


Goms Mill and Moat

Great Heartwell Farm

Green Gate, Stafford Town Defences

Green Lane, Castle Church

Greensforge Fort A

Greensforge Fort B

Greensforge No. 1

Greensforge No. 2

Greensforge No. 3

Greensforge No. 4

Greensforge No. 5

Griffith’s Drive, Wolverhampton


Handsacre Hall

Harlaston Moat

Heighley Castle: Healy: Heyley: Helih: Helyh: Audley

High Meadow

Himley Hall


Kibblestone: Cublesdon

Kings Bromley


Kinver Edge

Knightley Dale

Lawn Farm

Levesons Hall

Lichfield Castle

Lichfield City: Bachunneswich Gate: Culstubble Gate: Sandford Gate: Tamworth Gate: Stowe Gate

Lichfield Road, Hamstall Ridware

Littywood Moat: Litty Wood: Littywood House

Lordswell Road, Branston

Lutley Manor House

Meafield Gate


Mavesyne Ridware: Mavesyne Ridware Old Hall

Meadow Lane, Yoxall

Moat House

Newbold Farm

Newcastle-Under-Lyme Castle

Norbury Manor Moat

Norton Hall Lane, Norton Canes

Near Garshall House

North Gate: Gaol Gate, Stafford Town Defences

Old Hall Farmhouse

Old Madeley Manor: Madlee

Parkhill Manor House


Perton Manor House

Pillaton Old Hall: Pillenhaul: Pilatehala

Pipe Ridware Hall

Plough Farm

Radmore: Red Moor: Redmoor: Redmoore: Rademoore



Rodbaston Old Hall

Rushall Hall

Sandon Old Hall

Shareshill Moat

Shenstone Park

Showells Farm Moat

Shugborough Hall

Sich Lane, Yoxall


Sinai Park Moat

Smallwood Hall

Stafford Castle: Castlechurch: Baron’s Castle; Monteville

Stafford Town Defences


Stourbridge: Sturbrug,: Sturesbridge

Stourton Castle: Stewpony: Kinver


Stretton Mill No. 1

Stretton Mill No. 2

Stretton Mill No. 3

Swan Bank: Dead Man’s Hill: Caverswall


Swynnerton Hall

Tamworth Castle

Tamworth Town Walls

The Hallsteads: Okeover

The Moat

The Moats

The Palace: Bishop’s Palace

Thistleberry House

Thorney Lanes

Trentham Castle: Mount Field: Castellum de Trentham

Trent Vale

Tucklesholme Farm

Tutbury Castle: Toteberie

Tyrley Castle



Walsall Castle

Walsall Manor House

Water Eaton: PENNOCRUCIUM No.1

Water Eaton: PENNOCRUCIUM No. 2

Wednesbury: Wedgebury: Wodensborough: Weadesbury: Weddsborow Ethelfleda Terrace

Westbeech Road, Perton

West Gate, Stafford Town Defences

Western Jones Motte

Weston Park

Wetton Hill

Whitehouse Lane, Swindon

Wingfield Road

Wightwick Motte


Willow Brock Farm

Wolseley Hall

Wood Eaton: Wood Eaton Manor: Home Farm


Wychnor Hall

Yoxall Town Hill

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