Stafford Castle: Castlechurch: Baron’s Castle; Monteville

  • Stafford, Staffordshire
  • OSGB – SJ 9025 2225
  • Scheduled Monument.
  • Grade II Listed Building.


Medieval motte castle with the entrance to the south east and a chapel within the inner bailey.


913                                Site fortified by Aethelflaeda, Lady of Mercia, against the Danes.

1066-1069                     Built.

1070                              William I ordered the castle to be built.

1071                              Robert de Todeni, later Robert of Stafford, held the castle for the king.

1071-1088                     During: St. Nicholas Chapel was founded at the castle gate.

1086                              Destroyed – reasons unknown.

11th C                            Earth and timber motte and bailey castle site covering 20 acres.

1102                              William Pontulf held the castle for Henry I along with a garrison of 200 men.

1134-1154                     c: Owned by Robert de Stafford.

1138                              c: Nicholas held the castle.

1154                              Following the deaths of Robert and Nicholas, the castle passed through marriage of Millicent to Henry Bagot.

13th C                            Started to decline.

1323                              Ralph de Stafford inherited the castle.

1347                              Ralph de Stafford started building the keep in stone.

1348                              Licence to crenellate granted. Work in stone was undertaken by John of Bicester.

1351                              Ralph de Stafford was created the 1st earl of Stafford.

1368                              Work on the site included the Upper Hall and Great Chamber, kitchen, pantry, buttery, lower hall, Lords and Ladies privy chambers, wardrobes bedrooms and a chapel.

1444                              Owned by Humphrey Stafford, Duke of Buckingham. Repairs carried out.

1467                              Village site abandoned.

1485                              August: Possible meeting place of Henry Tudor and William, Lord Stanley before the Battle of Bosworth.

1521                              Lands of the Duke of Buckingham held by the Crown after he was beheaded.

1524                              Barn mentioned on the site.

1537                              Duke of Buckingham’s lands still held by the Crown.

1558                              c: St. Nicholas chapel still in use.

1603                              Edward, Lord Stafford was not happy with the castle.

1634                              In ruins.

1642                              Lady Isobel Stafford held the castle for the Royalists.

1643                              General Brereton took the village but could not take the castle.

1643                              5th June: Col. Hastings relieved Lady Isobel Stafford and installed a garrison.

1643                              July: General Brereton returned with a force but the castle was abandoned

1643                              22nd December: Parliament ordered the castle to be demolished. Held prisoners. Barn destroyed.

1647                              The Marquis of Dorchester took possession of the castle.

1653                              March: The future of the garrison was considered by the Irish and Scottish Committee.

1653                              April: The garrison was disbanded.

1698                              Celia Fiennes described the castle as being in ruins.

1783                              Inherited by Sir William Jerningham.

1811                              Keep partially rebuilt.

1813                              Edward Jerningham rebuilt the keep.

19th C                            Early: The Jerningham family of Norfolk claimed to be heir-apparent and began to rebuild the keep.

1950                              The Jerningham family returned to Norfolk and entrusted the castle to caretakers.

1958                              Field Investigation.

1961                              Lord Stafford gave the castle to Stafford Borough Council by Deed of Gift after a minor lost his life playing in the grounds.

1963                              Keep demolished.

1974                              Field Investigation.

1978                              Reconstruction work began on the castle.

1978-991                       Excavated by C. Hill, Stafford Borough Council Archaeology Section.

1988                              Opened to the public by the Right Hon. Lord Stafford.

1990                              Geophysical Survey by Stafford Borough Council Archaeology Section.

1991                              Visitor centre was opened to the public.

1993                              Scheduled.

1996-1997                     Geophysical Survey by Geophysical Surveys of Bradford.

1996-1997                     Earthwork Survey by C. Tuck, M. Jecock, S. Ainsworth, G. Corbett, I. Goodall.



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