Southwall Minister: St. Mary’s Southwall: St. Mary’s Minster.



Scheduled Monument – Monument Number 322435

Grade I Listed Building


Early Medieval church, fortified church, Medieval college of Secular Priests.


956                              Founded.

11th C                          Shrine visited by Pilgrims went missing.

1120-1250                   Aisled nave and west towers built.

1142                            During the Anarchy a ditch was dug around the site and the Minster was defended.

12th C                          Features.

1233-1260                   Between: Choir, choir aisles and east trancept chapels built.

1290-1300                   North east octagonal Chapter House added.

13th C                          Features.

1545                            Visited by the College and Chantry Commissioners.

1548                            Dissolved.

1557                            Re-roofed.

1711-1714                   Following a fire the roof of the south west tower, nave and crossing tower was  replaced.

1801                            Richard Ingleman removed the western spires.

1803                            Chapter House re-roofed by William Wilkins Snr.

1816                            Repairs carried out to the west towers

1841                            Ended its collegiate functions.

1880                            The roof of the nave and the trancepts was renewed, the Chapter House roof and the west tower spires reinstated by Ewan Christian.

1888                            Became a cathedral.

1971                            Watching Brief

1974                            Field Investigation.

1994                            Evaluated by Trent and Peak Archaeological Trust.

1995-1996                   Excavated by  Trent and Peak Archaeological Trust.

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