South Muskham No. 1



Scheduled Monument – Monument Number 3222014


Civil War gun emplacement, post Medieval town defences, south east of Muskham Bridge, pear shaped and flat topped mound measuring 62.3 ft and standing 3.2 ft high.


1644                            Civil War-7th/8th March: Muskham Bridge was stormed by Parliament, led by Sir John Meldrum, ending the 2nd siege of Newark.

1644                            Civil War-21st March: Prince Rupert relieved Newark and Meldrum surrendered.

1645                            Civil War-28th November: Seiged by Alexander Leslie, Earl of Leven, the Scots General, and the Scots army.

1962                            Field Investigation.

1974                            Field Investigation.

1994                            Scheduled

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