Worlebury Camp

Worlebury Camp


  • Camp Road, Weston Super Mere, Somerset. 
  • OSGB – ST 314 625
  • Scheduled Monument.


Sub-rectangular Iron Age multivallate hill fort, Iron Age cross dyke, linear earthwork covering 10 acres. The north of the site is defended by the cliffs of Sand Bay, the south defended by a rampart and ditch, the east by two stone ramparts and ditch plus four more ditches and there are three entrances – the north, north east and south east sides, with the south east side having inturns.

The main defences had three stone buttresses. Storage pits found at the eastern end.

Romano-British occupation.

Finds include Neolithic arrow heads and axes.

Skeletons, dating from the Iron Age, were found in 18 storage pits of approximately 100 people of which some had come to a violent end.


1st-2nd C  BC                Dating from: Material in storage pits included sling stones, spindle whorls and pottery sherds.

450                               Dating from: Hoard of Roman coins found.

1851-52                       Excavated and Surveyed.

1880-1881                   Excavated.

1987-1988                   Excavated.

1998                             Assessed.



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