Sweetworthy: Homestead Moat

Sweetworthy Homestead Moat
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  • Luccombe, Somerset
  • Scheduled Monument


Irregular circular Iron Age univallate enclosure covering 0.3 ha and defended by a bank and outer ditch with the entrance to the north west. The bank measuring 29.5 ft wide and standing up to 5.9 ft high, with the inner scarp to the north measuring 1.6 ft high, and the outer scarp measuring 9.8 ft high. The ditch measuring  approximately 23 ft wide and 3.9 ft deep to the south and west.

No evidence of occupation.

Situated on the side of Dunkery Hill.


19th C                            On the south west side part of the site used as a pond with a dam.

1947                              Aerial photograph.

1971                              Aerial photograph.

1984                              Aerial photograph.

1989                              Aerial photograph.

1994                              Scheduling revised.


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