Stoke-under-Hamdon Castle: Beauchamp Castle: Gourney Castle: Stoke-sub-Hamdon: Stoke-under-Hampdon

  • Stoke-sub-Hamdon, Somerset. 
  • Scheduled Monument .
  • Monument Number 193200.


Medieval fortified manor house.


1287                              Chapel of St. Nicholas was founded on the site.

13th C                            Manor house held by the Beauchamp family.

1304                              Chapel of St. Nicholas was the Chapel of St. Nicholas College.

1333                              Licence to crenellate granted to John Beauchamp.

1406                              Tomb of Sir Mathew Gourney was in the Chapel of St. Nicholas.

15th C                            Fell into ruins.

1540-1546                     Itinerary of John Leland: Ruined manor or castle.

16th C                            Early: Mass was held three times a week in the Chapel of St. Nicholas.

16th C                            Dovecote remained. Chapel of St. Nicholas was decaying.

1615                              Only the gardens remained.

1889                              Excavated by W. W. Walter.

1906                              Excavated by R. H. Walter, manor house revealed.

1967                              Field Investigation.

1973                              Scheduling was unsuccessful.

1975                              Field Investigation.

1976                              Excavated by CRAGGS (Committee for Rescue Archaeology in Avon, Gloucestershire and Somerset).

1980                              Watching Brief.

1984                              Watching Brief.

20th C                            Part of the perimeter wall and blocked gateways remain.



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