Plainsfield Camp: Plainsfield Park: Cockercombe Camp

  • Park Plantation, Over Stowey, Somerset. 
  • Scheduled Monument.


Sub-rectangular Iron Age univallate earthwork enclosing 1.2  ha, defended by a rampart and external ditch. The rampart constructed of earth and stone and measuring 22.9 – 32.8 ft wide and standing 9.8 ft high with the original entrance possibly to the north.

Trees on the south west rampart.


1939-1945                    World War II: Two slit trenches cut on the east side of the site.

1965                             6th April: Field Investigation.

1975                             Some trees were cleared from the interior.

1982                             Watching Brief by Somerset County Council.

1994                             Rescheduled.

1998                             Aerial photograph.

2002                             Field Investigation.



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