Newton Castle: St. Loes Castle: Newton St. Loe

Newton St Loe Castle, on the Bath Spa University campus, from the west.
Rwendland, CC BY-SA 3.0 <;, via Wikimedia Commons


  • Newton Park, Somerset. 
  • Scheduled Monument. 
  • Grade I Listed Building.


Medieval Fortified manor house with a rectangular courtyard and square corner towers, defended by a ditch on three sides.

Three phases of building.

Newton St Loe


1065                             The Manor of Newton belonged to the Bishop of Coutances.

12th-13th C                    First built. Possibly by Roger St. Loe/de Sancto Laudo.

c.1244                           Roger died and was succeeded by his son John.

1263                              John died and was succeeded by his son John.

1271                             John went on Crusade.

1280                             John died and was succeeded by his son John.

1299                            John joined Edward I at Carlisle in his fight against the Scots.

1314                            John died and was succeeded by his son John.

c.1350                         John held a Knights Fee of Hugh le Dispenser.

  •                            John died and was succeeded by his son Edmund.

1375                             Until: In the St. Loe/de Sancto Laudo family. Edmunds son John had no issue and the estate went to his daughters husband William, Lord Botreaux.

14th C                           Built.

15th C                           Gatehouse built.

16th C                           Alterations to defences and house.

1666                             Bought by Joseph Langton.

17th C                          Remodelled, including a new fireplace.

1760                            New house built with a large porch, grounds landscaped and all buildings demolished except the gatehouse and keep.

19th C                          Restored.

1962                             Field Investigation.

1965                             Field Investigation.

1975-1984                    Excavated by  Bath College of Education.

1981                              Excavated.

1982                              Excavated.

1983                               Excavated.



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