Nether Stowey Castle: Stowey Castle: Castle Hill: Old Castle

  • Castle Hill, Nether Stowey, Somerset. 
  • Scheduled Monument.


Medieval motte castle with two baileys and once had a square keep.

The rectangular Great Tower measured 60 ft by 50 ft with a forebuilding and a cross wall.


1066                             Held by Alfred d’Espaignes.

1135-1154                    Held by Isabel, wife of Robert de Chandros and daughter of Alfred d’Espaignes.

1154                             Built by.

12th C                           Built by William Fitz Odo.

12th C                           Mid: Tower built.

1212                             Held by Maud, granddaughter of Alfred d’Espaignes and wife of Philip de Columbers. Philip created the Deer Park and warren.

14th C                           Owned by the Audley family through marriage.

1485                             Abandoned.

1497                             The castle as confiscated from the Audley family for their part in the Cornish Rebellion.

15th C                           Part of the castle abandoned.

1512                             Restored to the Audley family.

1538-1553                    Owned by the Seymour family, Dukes of Somerset.

16th C                           Stone taken and used to build Stowey Court.

1620                             Owned by Charles Steynings.

1627                             Sold by the Audley family.

1838                             Sold to Sir Peregrine Acland.

1961                             Scheduled.

1965                             Field Investigation.

1994                             Surveyed and Measured.

1996                             Watching Brief.

1997                             Field Investigation.

1998                             Aerial photograph.

20th C                           Ruins.

2001                             Aerial photograph.

2001                             Scheduled.

2004                             Surveyed.



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