Montachute Castle: Biscpoeston: Bishopston: Lodegaresbergh: Mons Actus; St. Michaels Hill

  • St. Michaels Hill, Somerset. 
  • Scheduled Monument. 
  • Grade II Listed Building.


Oval Medieval motte castle surrounded by a ditch and defended by a bank on the north and west sides. On the south and east sides a berm separates the natural slopes and ditch from the motte.


1068                             Built by Robert de Mortain on land he exchanged with Athelney Abbey.

1069                             Besieged unsuccessfully by the Saxons, against Norman rule, when Geoffrey, Bishop of Countances arrived.

1086                             Besieged during a revolt.

1102                             Chapel to St. Michael first recorded on the hill. No longer used in defensive capacity.

1104                             Robert’s son gave the castle to the Clunic monks priory who lived nearby, and they used the stonework for building.

1246                             Henry III granted a fair to be held on the site.

1518-1519                    Two loads of stone were taken by the church wardens of Tintinhull.

1539                             c: The fairs stopped.

1540-1546                    Itinerary of John Leland: In ruins.

1630                             Chapel last recorded.

1760                             Folly built on the site.

1948                             Aerial photograph.

1967                             Field Investigation.

1975                             Field Investigation.

1989                             Summit excavated.

1994                             Site given new monument number.

2000                             Field Investigation.

2000-2001                    Field Investigation.



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