Langport Town: Langeport: Langeberga

  • Langport, Somerset. 
  • Scheduled Monument – Hanging Chapel
  • Monument Number 1081106 – Mint.
  • Grade I Listed Building – Hanging Chapel
  • Registered Battlefield.


Royal Saxon borough, earthworks.

Finds include a Neolithic stone axe.


 930                             Mint established in the town by Athelstan and produced coins for Athelstan, Cnut and Edward the Confessor.

1050-1053                  Mint closed down.

1304                            Represented in Parliament.

1306                            Represented in Parliament.

1344                            Hanging Chapel mentioned as the Chantry Chapel of Blessed Virgin Mary.

14th C                          Hanging Chapel dates from.

1562                            Elizabeth I granted the town a charter allowing annual fairs to be held.

1570                            The Hanging Chapel was used as a Town Hall.

1617                            The town was incorporated by James I.

1645                            George Goring established a defensive position at the town. Sir Thomas Fairfax fought against him and Goring had to retreat.

18th C                          Hanging Chapel used as a Grammar School.

1840                            Welshport Canal built.

1867                            Roman coins found near the railway station, Frog Lane.

1883                            Corporation given by James I in 1617 was abolished.

19th C                          Hanging Chapel restored.

1966                            Field Investigation of the Hanging Chapel.

1967                            Field Investigation.

1968                            Excavated.

1975                            Field Investigation of the Hanging Chapel.

1976                            Excavated by Committee for Research Archaeology in Avon, Gloucestershire and Somerset.

1976                            c: Aerial photograph.

1978                            Watching Brief at Bow Street.

1992                            Evaluation of Hanging Chapel.

1996                            Excavation of north side of Hanging Chapel and ninth-tenth century ditch uncovered, by Somerset County Council.

1998                            The Hanging Chapel was hit by a lorry and damaged.

20th C                          The remaining defensive bank measuring 13.1 ft high and a possible ditch. The Freemasons leased the Hanging Chapel.

2000                            Hanging Chapel scheduled.



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