Hinton Abbey: Hinton Priory: Locus Dei

  • Abbey Lane, Hinton Charterhouse, Somerset. 
  • Grade I Listed Building


Medieval Carthusian Monastery, Priory.


Sold by the Bartlett family to Mathew Colhurst.


1227                             Founded by Ella, Countess of Salisbury.

1232                             Completed.

1246-1249                    Robert was Prior.

1255                             A yearly fair was granted by Henry III to the prior.

1259                             Henry III granted the monks free warren over their lands at Hinton and Norton.

1272-1275                    Peter was Prior.

1275                             One Knight’s fee was granted to the Prior by Henry, Earl of Lincoln, in return for prayers of the monastery.

1279                             The Prior proved his right to inflict capital punishment.

1293                             Edward I confirmed the fair allowed at Hinton.

1310                             The monks were exempt from paying tax.

1345                             Edward III confirmed the fair allowed at Hinton.

1345                             The monks were exempt from paying tax.

1378                             John Luscote resigned as Prior.

1391                             Adam was Prior.

1403                             Thomas Wyne was Prior.

1421                             William Whitby was Prior.

1431                             Thomas was Prior.

1442                             Richard was Prior.

1449                             William Marchell was Prior.

1465                             William Hatherless was Prior.

1476                             William Hatherless was Prior.

1477                             Edmund Storan/Storer was Prior.

1478-1479                    John Iver was Prior.

1482                             Thomas Torburigenaci was Prior.

15th C                           Gateway.

1513-1521                    John Taylor was Prior.

1521-1523                    Henry Corsley was Prior.

1523-1529                    John Batmanson was Prior.

1529-1539                    Edmund Horde was Prior.

1535                             The yearly value was put at £262 13s.

1540                             31st March: Prior Hood was in charge of 23 monks, was dissolved under the orders of Henry VIII.

1545                             Bought by the Bartlett family.

1578                             Sold by Mathew Colthurst to the Hungerford family.

1578                             Onwards: Lived in by Capt. Anthony Hungerford.

1594                             Capt. Anthony Hungerford died and was buried in Hinton church. Lord Hungerford leased it to his daughter, Mary.

16th C                           Manor House.

1614                             Mary died and her descendants inherited.

1684                             Sir Edward Hungerford sold it.

18th C                           Walls and gate added.

1830                             Before: Capt. Symonds pulled down the farmhouse.

1830                             Capt. Symonds died.

1950’s                          Excavated.

1980’s                          Used in the filming of Robin of Sherwood.

1930                             Sold.

1932                             Sold to Major Philip C. Fletcher, MC, FSA.

1933                             Major Fletcher restored the house.

1950                             Chapterhouse was re-roofed.

1995                             Geophysical Survey by Geophysical Surveys of Bradford.



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