Enmore Castle

  • Enmore, Somerset.


Moated fortified house built on the site of a previous castle and constructed of dark red stone and flanked at each angle by a low square machiolated tower, with a bastion and two circular towers. Included a dry moat and a drawbridge.


1066                            c: Owned by Sir Roger de Curcelle, son of Wandril de Leon.

1066                            After: Owned by William Malet (Maulet) who fought at the Battle of Hastings. He had two sons, Robert and Gilbert.

1071                            c: Gilbert Malet inherited when William Malet died. Gilbert was made High Chamberlain of England.

1100                            c: Owned by the Malet family.

1100-1135                  During: Gilbert Malet sided with Robert, Duke of Normandy. He had his lands taken and was banished from England.

1172                            Baldwin Malet (2) was born at the castle.

1191                            Baldwin Malet (3) was born at the castle.

1197                            Baldwin Malet (1) died at the castle.

12th C                          The Malet family were reconciled with the King and their lands given back. Baldwin Malet (1) married Emma, daughter of Ralph de Neville.

1230                            William Malet was born at the castle.

1250                            Baldwin Malet (4) was born at the castle.

1272                            John Malet was born at the castle.

1279                            Baldwin Malet died.

1284                            Baldwin Malet (5) was born at the castle.

1287                            John Malet died.

1310                            John Malet was born at the castle.

1335                            Baldwin Malet (6) was born at the castle.

1343                            Baldwin Malet died.

1349                            John Mallet died.

1394                            Hugh Malet was born at the castle.

1395                            Phillipa Malet was born at the castle.

1682                            Bought by John Percival, 2nd Earl of Egmont.

1751-1755                  Built by John Percival.

1807                            Improved by the 3rd Earl of Egmont.

1834                            Sold to Nicholas Broadmeade, who demolished most of it.

19th C                          Mostly demolished.

1932                            Most of the parkland turned into a golf course.

1964                            Field Investigation.

20th C                          Built on.

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