Downend Castle: Chisley Mount: Chidley Mount: Bally Field: Burgh de Capite Montis

Downend Castle.



  • Puriton, Somerset. 
  • OSGB – ST 3092 4135.
  • Scheduled Monument.


Medieval motte and bailey with inner and outer baileys. The inner bailey was defended by a single bank and the outer bailey was defended by two banks. The mound measuring 98.4 ft across the top and standing 11.8 ft high.

Ramparts have been slighted.


12th C                          Castle and Borough.

1505                            Ditch recorded on the site.

1562-1640                   Referred to as The Castle.

1842                            Called The Bally.

1908                            Called Bally Field.

1908                            Excavated.

1946                            Aerial photograph.

1947                            Aerial photograph.

1954                            Aerial photograph.

1964                            Field Investigation.

1987                            Scheduled.

1994                            Aerial photograph.

1999                            Surveyed.

2000                            Scheduled.

2006-2007                   Aerial photograph.


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