Dead Woman’s Ditch

  • Robin Upright’s Hill, Over Stowey, Somerset. 
  • Scheduled Monument


Bronze Age, Iron Age linear earthwork, univallate cross dyke, measuring 5.7 ft from top to bottom, 32.8 ft wide and just over half a mile long. The bank measuring between 1 – 3.2 ft high and the ditch being up to 3.2 ft deep, with a counterscarp by the main bank.


1789                            The body of the wife of John Walford was found in the ditch, hence it’s name.

19th C                          Hedge planted on part of the site.

1965                            Field Investigation.

1971                            Aerial Photograph.

1994                            25th March: Scheduled.

2001                            Surveyed by Somerset County Council.

2001                            Excavated.

2003                            Field Investigation.

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