Daws Castle

  • Watchett, Somerset.
  • Scheduled Monument


Fortified Saxon site, Medieval fort, defended by a curvilinear earthen bank measuring 6.5 ft high, and covering 2 ha. The north of the site has been destroyed through erosion.


871-899                       First phase of construction included a bank and stone wall.

10th C                          c: Second phase of construction included a larger wall, wider bank and a berm with a frontal ditch

19th C                          Limekilns damaged earthworks.

1964                            Aerial photograph.

1965                            Field Investigation.

1971                            Excavated.

1981                            c: Used as a rubbish dump.

1982                            Excavated by Central Excavation Unit.

2002                            Field Investigation.

2003                            Scheduled.

2004                            Field Investigation.

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