Cockroad Wood, Penselwood, Cockroadwood

  • Charlton Musgrove, Somerset.
  • Scheduled Monument


Medieval motte and bailey. Had two baileys, one could have been divided into three small enclosures. The motte measuring 19.6 – 24.6 ft high with a top diameter of 44.3 ft, and the ditch measuring 44.3 ft wide and 3.2 – 4.1 ft deep but to the south 4.1 – 9.8 ft deep. Possible entrance to the east.


1086                            Held by Walter de Douai.

1121                            c: Possibly built by Ralph Lovel.

1154                            c: Royal forest in the area.

1947                            Aerial photograph.

1994                            Scheduled.

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