Charterhouse Roman Fort: Iscalis?: Vebriacum?

Charterhouse Roman fort from north.
By NotFromUtrecht – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


  • Charterhouse, Somerset.
  • Scheduled Monument.


Roman fort covering three acres. Ditch to the east measuring 8.2 ft wide and 5.2 ft deep and was filled in after the Medieval period. Had a permanent garrison for mining operations.

Associated with silver and lead mining supervised by Legio II Augusta.

Finds on site include Bronze Age flintwork, lead pigs of Roman date, Claudio-Neronian pottery, remains of smelting furnaces and crucibles.


49                                Lead was being extracted.

1st C                             Dating from: Samien ware finds.

2nd C                            Handed over to private or Government control.

17th-18th C                   Site leveled.

1819-1820                   The site was first recorded.

1867 – 76                      Site first studied.

1873                             Lead pig uncovered weighing around 223 lb.

1966                            Second bank discovered.

1968                             Site flooded revealing Claudio-Neronian pottery sherds.

1970                            Aerial photograph.

1971                            Aerial photograph.

1993                            Excavated by  Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society.

1994                            Excavated by  Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society.


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