Castle Neroche: Castle Rache: The Beacon

Castle Neroche



  • Staple Fitzpaine, Somerset
  • Scheduled Monument


Iron Age hill fort, Medieval motte and bailey. Defended by banks and ditches. The motte and bailey enclosed 0.18 ha and was sub-rectangular. Had three main construction phases; First phase enclosed 7.5 acres. The second phase was built within the first. The third phase was the motte and bailey castle.


500-50 BC                  Iron Age hill fort.

1066                            Embanked bailey possibly built by Robert, Count of Mortain.

12th C                          Additions and refurbished.

12th C                          End: Abandoned.

17th C                          Late: No longer in use.

1854                            Before: Finds included iron arrowheads, iron sword blade and burials.

19th C                          Farmhouse built on part of the site.

1903                            Excavated by Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society.

1961                            Scheduled.

1961-1964                   Excavated by Ministry of Public Buildings and Works, Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society.

1962                            Field Investigation.

1965                            Field Investigation.

1975                            Field Investigation.

1982                            Scheduled area reduced.

1990                            Field Investigation.

1993                            Tree clearance revealed the bailey.

1994                            Scheduled area revised.

1998                            Watching Brief by Exeter Archaeology.

2003                            Field Investigation.


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