Castle Cary: Cari


Remains of Castle Cary in Cary Castle, Somerset, England. From the observation point on Lodge Hill, looking down on the castle remains. Beyond, in the next square, is Park Pond, and the town of Castle Cary behind that.
By Graham Horn, CC BY-SA 2.0,



  • Wincanton
  • Scheduled Monument




Roman fort, Medieval motte and bailey castle. Motte and two baileys, moated. Defended by a bank, ditch and scarp.  The keep was almost square with a cross wall.

Village named after the castle, and stone was taken and used for building materials.


11th-12th C                   c: Built.

1135-1154                   During: Owned by Lord Lovell who held it against King Stephen.

1138                            Besieged.

1148                            Besieged.

1153                            c: Destroyed.

12th C                          c: Ditch partially filled in.

12th C                          Late: Keep built of rubble with ashlar facing.

1327-1377                   During: Passed to Lord St. Maur.

1468                            Castle abandoned and manor house on site. Owned by John de Zouche.

1485                            Until: Held by the Lords de Zouche.

1660-1685                   Civil War: During: Used as a refuge following the Battle of Worcester.

1856                            Excavated  

1890                            Excavated by Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society. Excavations revealed foundations of the keep, which are marked by stone piers.

1947                            Aerial Photograph.

1966                            Field Investigation.

1975                            Field Investigation.

1977                            Watching Brief.

1978                            Watching Brief. Excavated by South East Somerset Archaeological Society.

1998                            Evaluated by Birmingham University Field Archaeology Unit. 

1999                            Excavated by Birmingham University Field Archaeology Unit. Roman limekiln and boundary ditches found.

20th C                          No remains.

2001                            Scheduled.


Hendrik Frans de Cort – Landscape with a view towards Cary Castle – 1799.


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