Brent Knoll: The Mount of Frogs

An aerial view of Brent Knoll and part of the Somerset Levels in England.
By Adam Cli – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,



  • Brent Knoll, Somerset
  • Scheduled Monument


Iron Age multivallate hill fort defended by a bank, ditch and counterscarp. Roman building, Roman temple.

Once an island.


875                              On the side of the hill the Saxons successfully fought against the Danes.

1610                            Coin hoard found.

18th & 19th C               Coin hoard believed to have been found on the site.

19th C                          Excavated 

1939-1945                   World War II: Split trench and gun emplacement of the Home Guard on the site.

1965                            Field Investigation.

1992-1996                   Aerial photograph.


Plan of Brent Knoll.


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