Barrow Mump: Burrowbridge: Burrow Mump: Othery Burrow Mump: Toteyate: Myghell-borough: King Alfred’s Fort

Plan of Barrow Mump.
(Burrows 1924).


  • Main Road, Burrowbridge, Somerset
  • Scheduled Monument – Church.
  • Grade II Listed Building – Church.




Possible Adulterine castle, earthwork, motte, Medieval chapel, Medieval church and post Medieval church. Medieval pits on the west side of the church. Mound measuring 78.7 ft.


934                              ?: Given to Athelney Abbey.

937                              Onwards: Owned by Athelney Abbey.

1548                            Free chapel of St. Michael was mentioned.

1633                            Free chapel of St. Michael was extant.

1645                            10th July: Church used as a retreat for Royalist troops who occupies it for three days.

1663                            Repairs and rebuilding work to the chapel mentioned.

1724                            c: Post Medieval church built on site of Medieval church. Repairs and rebuilding to the chapel began.

1767                            The manor belonged to the Harris family.

1780                            The manor belonged to John Chard.

1793                            New church begun on site.

18th c                           Church repaired twice.

1930                            Excavated.

1939                            Excavated by Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society. Terraces found.

1944                            Aerial Photograph.

1946                            Given to the National Trust as a War Memorial.

1947                            Aerial Photograph.

1960                            Aerial Photograph.

1963                            Listed building.

1970                            Aerial Photograph.

1976                            Aerial Photograph.

1990                            Aerial Photograph.

1994                            Scheduling revised.

20th C                          Mid: Buttresses added to west tower.

2004                            Aerial Photograph.


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