Taunton Castle
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Athelney Island

Ballands Castle

Banwell Abbey

Banwell Bishops Palace

Banwell Camp

Barrow Hill

Barrow Mump

Bathampton Camp

Bath Town Defences

Bats Castle

Berry Castle

Black Bull Camp

Bounds Lane


Brean Down

Brent Knoll

Brewers Castle

Bridgewater Castle

Bristol Castle

Burgh Manor House


Burledge Camp

Burrington Camp

Bury Castle

Bury Castle Hillfort

Cadbury Camp – Tickenham

Cadbury Castle – South Cadbury

Cadbury Congresbury

Cannington Hillfort; Cynwit Castle

Castle Cary

Castle Field

Castle Neroche

Charterhouse Fort

Clatworthy Camp

Cleeve Toot Camp

Clevedon Court

Cliff Road, Cheddar

Clifton Down Camp

Cockercoombe Castle

Cockroad Wood; Penselwood

Compton Castle

Compton Dundon Hillfort

Conygar Hillfort

Cow Castle; Ring Castle

Croft Castle; Castle Hill

Crow Castle

Culverhay Castle

Curdon Camp

Daws Castle

Dead Woman’s Ditch

Denny Mount


Dolebury Hillfort

Dowsborough Camp

Downend Castle

Dundon Hillfort

Dunster Castle

East Lyng

Elworthy Barrow Hillfort

Englishcombe Castle

Enmore Castle

Farleigh Hungerford Castle

Fenny Castle

Ford Lane, Bawdrip

Fox Covert

Gallox Hill


Hales Castle

Ham Hill; Hamdon Hill Camp

Harbury, Hamberry

Heave Acre

Highbury Hill

Hinton Abbey; Hinton Priory

Horner Wood

Ilchester; LINDIS

Kenwalch’s Castle

Kings Castle

Kingsdown Camp

Kings Weston Down Fort

Langport Town: Langeport: Langeberga

Lansdown Camp

Little Down Camp

Little Solsbury Camp

Locking Castle

Maes Knoll Camp

Measbury Castle

Marsh Court

Marston Moat


Midford Castle

Montachute Castle

Mounsey Castle

Nether Stowey Castle

Newton Castle: St. Loes Castle: Newton St. Loe

Norton Camp

Nunney Castle

Nunnington Park Camp

Oldberry Castle; Oldbury Castle

Pagans Hill

Pinnacle Hill

Plainsfield Camp

Ponters Ball

Priory Road, Ilchester

Richmont Castle

Roddenbury Camp

Ruborough Camp

Sand Point

Small Down Camp

Solsbury Hill Camp

Spargrove Manor House

Stantonbury Camp


Stogursey Castle

Stokeleigh Camp

Stoke-Under-Hamdon Castle

Stowey Castle

Sutton Court

Sweetworthy No. 1

Sweetworthy No. 2

Sweetworthy No. 3

Sweetworthy Homestead Moat

Taps Combe Camp

Taunton Castle

Tedbury Camp

The Castles, Bathealton

Timberscombe Wood

Trendle Ring

Tunley Camp

Wadbury Camp

Wain’s Hill

Walton Castle


Waterloo Farm

Wells Castle; Bishops Palace

Westbury Camp

West Hill, Over Stowey

Westwood, Somerton

White Staunton Camp

Whits Wood, Dunster

Wirral Park

Worlebury Camp



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