Sturton le Steeple


Scheduled Monument – Monument Number 324920


Cropmarks of a Roman settlement, town, ditches, measuring approximately 984 ft by 1,312 ft.

Finds include coins, kilns, domed oven, pottery sherds.


1st-4th C                       Occupied.

18th C                          Foundations and pavements visible.

1820                            Stone removed from site.

1954-1956                   Excavated

1956-1958                   Excavated

1962                            Field Investigation.

1963-1970                   Excavated by  City and County Museum, Lincoln, University of Durham.

1974                            Field Investigation.

1992-1997                   Aerial Photograph by RCHME.

1994                            Watching Brief by Lindsey Archaeological Services.

1999                            Desk Based Assessment by Trent and Peak Archaeological Trust.

2005-2006                   Aerial Photograph by EH.

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