Scrooby Palace



Scheduled Monument – Monument Number 320902


Medieval Bishops Palace, moat, fishpond. Built of brick and wood and comprising of 36 rooms and a domestic chapel. Had a gatehouse with a bridge and a wall with the south west corner of the moat measuring 4.3 ft deep and the remains of a bank on the counterscarp measure 1.6 ft high.


*                                  Demolished.

13th C                          c: Built.

13th-14th C                   Palace of the Archbishops of York.

1577-1589                   Used by Bishop Sandes, and leased to his son Sir Samuel Sandes.

1588-1608                   Possible house of William Brewster, Pilgrim Father.

1677                            Still standing.

1960                            Field Investigation.

1972                            Watching Brief

1974                            Field Investigation.

1990-1991                   Watching Brief by Trent and Peak Archaeological Trust.

1994                            Scheduled.

1994                            Geophysical Survey by Stratascan.

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