Red Hill



Scheduled Monument – Monument Number 315578


Iron Age post hole, Roman settlement, temple, burial.

Finds include Roman coins, brooches, pottery and tiles, Iron Age pottery, possible Celtic temple.


250 BC                        Dating from: Bird brooch.

1st-4th                           Dating from: Roman finds.

1750-1790                   Burials uncovered.

1953                            Aerial Photograph.

1960                            A lead tablet asking Jupiter for help in recovering pottery was found on the site.

1961                            Excavated

1963                            Building remains uncovered. Excavated.

1963                            Excavated by East Leake Archaeological Group.

1992                            Excavated by  Central Excavation Unit.

1998                            Watching Brief by John Samuels Archaeological Consultancy.

2000                            Watching Brief by   CGMS Consultants.

2001                            Evaluated by Birmingham University Field Archaeology Unit.

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