Old Madeley Manor: Madlee

  • Madeley, Staffordshire
  • OSGB – SJ 7730 4229
  • Scheduled Monument
  • Grade II Listed Building


Medieval moated manor house.

First manor built by the Stafford family.


1348                              Licence to crenellate granted to Sir Ralph, Lord Stafford.

1349                              Lord Stafford added crenellations to the Manor.

14th-15th C                     Documented.

15th-16th C                     Dating from: Remains.

1528                              Leased to Sir Francis Poyntz after Henry, Lord Stafford, 2nd Duke of Buckingham died.

1547                              Thomas Offley bought the manor for £1080.

16th C                            Home of the Offley family.

1600                              c: Rebuilt.

1749                              Almost destroyed, in ruins.

18th C                            Abandoned.

1974                              Field Investigation.

1991                              Surveyed and Measured.

1991                              Field Investigation.



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