Bawtry Hall – Near Scheduled Monument

  • Bawtry, Nottinghamshire.
  • Scheduled Monument.
  • Monument Number 321037.


Cropmarks of an Iron Age D-shaped enclosure, track way, Roman double-ditched enclosure, track way, field system, defended by a double rampart and ditch.

Ditches measuring 23 ft apart, with square shaped site with rounded corners covering ½ acre. The outer rampart measuring 215 ft on each side, with a space of 50 ft between the defences.

Ditches filled in

Finds include Roman pottery, swords, axes, coins and a vase.


1815                            Site covered in trees.

1864                            Three silver coins were found together, of Antonious, Adrianus and Faustina.

1977                            Aerial Photograph.

1991-1996                   Aerial Photograph by RCHME.

1999                            Aerial Photograph by EH.

2001                            Aerial Photograph by EH.

2005                            Aerial Photograph.

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