Hodsock Priory

Hodsock Priory, Near Blythe, Notts.
By Enchufla Con Clave – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=73156351


  • Hodsock, Nottinghamshire.
  • Scheduled Monument.
  • Monument Number 320634.
  • Grade I Listed Building.


Medieval moated fortified manor house, drawbridge, gatehouse, portcullis, manorial chapel. The gatehouse  has polygonal stair turrets, and the moat is dry.

The site has never been an actual priory

Built by the Clifton family.


1086                            c: Held by Torald de Lisoriis.

*                                  The Cressy family inherited it from Torald de Lisoriis.

1215                            King John stayed at the site.

1216                            King John stayed at the site.

1216-1272                   During: Henry III stayed at the site.

1226                            Chapel mentioned in a Papal Bull.

1244                            Held by the Crown when forfeited by the Countess of Eu.

1280                            Edward I stayed at the site.

1291                            Edward I stayed at the site.

1403                            Sir John Clifton died, he had married Katherine Cressy.

1455                            Chapel confirmed.

16th C                          Buildings, gatehouse, built of brick.

1653                            After: Fell to ruin.

1829                            Rebuilt by the Mellish family.

1873-1876                   Alterations.

1959                            Field Investigation.

1974                            Field Investigation.

2006-2007                   Watching Brief.


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