Bawtry Road



Scheduled Monument – Monument Number 321096


Cropmarks of 7 ditched enclosures; Iron Age, Roman curvilinear enclosure, rectangular enclosure, Roman ditch. The whole site covering approximately 395 acres.

The sizes vary between 2.2-10.6 acres with the two small enclosures covering .2 acres. The sub-rectangular enclosure measuring 98.4 ft by 131.2 ft, the small enclosures measuring 710-807 square ft, the ditched rectangular enclosure measuring 88.5 – 98.4 ft, a sub-rectangular enclosure measuring 42.6 – 49.2 ft ditched and with an entrance to the north, a sub- rectangular enclosure measuring 85.3 by 124 ft with the entrance to the east, a rectangular enclosed area of three sides measuring 36 by 65.6 ft.


1975                            Aerial Photograph.

1976                            Aerial Photograph.

1979                            Aerial Photograph.

1999                            Aerial Photograph.


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