Wodehouse Tower: Kimberley Hall

Wodehouse Tower.



  • Kimberley Park, Kimberley, Norfolk
  • OSGB – TG 076 041
  • Scheduled Monument
  • Grade II Listed Building.


Quadrangular Medieval moated fortified house with flanking turrets, tower and chapel.


1400                            c: Built.

1640                            Sold to Richard Buxton.

1659                            Before: Demolished.

1712                            House built.

1754                            Towers added.

1762                            Grounds landscaped by Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown.

1835                            Salvin designed the colonnades.

1860                            Owned by the Earl of Kimberley.

1939-1945                   World War II: Occupied by the army.

1951                            Remodelled by Fletcher Watson.

1973                            Field Investigation.

20th C                          In ruins. Walls standing 3.2ft high.

2002                            Architectural Survey.

2003                            Scheduled.


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