Weeting Castle

  • Weeting, Norfolk
  • OSGB – TL 7780 8911
  • Scheduled Monument


Medieval fortified manor house of three storeys, and sub-rectangular moated site measuring 344.4ft by 259ft with the central island, raised, and measuring 278.8ft by 196.8ft. The moat measuring 32.8ft wide and 6.5m deep. The entrance is to the north in the wall with buttresses.

Ditches found below tower.


10th C                          Built on a Saxon settlement ; included ditches.

10th – 11th C                Site occupied.

1130’s                         Hugh de Plais started building the house.

1180                            c: Medieval hall house built.

12th C                          Fortified house.

13th C                          Moat added.

1390                            c: Abandoned by the Howard family.

14th C                          Came into the possession of the Howard family.

1642-1651                   Civil War: Attacked.

18th C                          c: Ice house.

1930’s                         Used as a training ground for unemployed men.

1954                            Demolished.

1964                            Excavated.

1972                            Field Investigation.

1994                            Geophysical Survey.

1996                            Scheduled.

1999                            Surveyed and Measured.



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