Wareham Camp: Wareham Danish Camp: Danish Camp

  • Wareham, Norfolk
  • OSGB – TF 9438 4088
  • Scheduled Monument


Iron Age multivallate hill fort, Roman settlement, defended by two concentric banks and ditches, measuring 695.5ft in diameter externally and 426.5ft diameter internally, with the banks measuring up to 9.8ft high and the ditches up to 9.8ft deep. The northern entrance is believed to be the original.

Constructed by the Icini tribe.

Finds include Iron Age and Roman materials.


200 BC                        Dating from: Pottery sherds.

1st C  BC                     Possibly built.

1st C                             Dating from: Pottery sherds.

3rd C                            Late: Romano-British occupation.

10th C                          Possibly modified by the Danes.

1850’s                         Entrance cut through the banks.

1862                            Site cleared of trees.

1914                            Excavated by H. St. George Grey, W.M. Tapp, showing the inner ditch once had a 16ft wide flat bottom.

1929                            Surveyed by H. St. George Grey which showed the inner bank standing to a height of 11ft and the outer bank to 12ft on the north east side, and on the north side declining to 9ft then 8ft east of the entrance gap

1959                            Excavated.

1970                            Field Investigation.

1998                            Scheduled.



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