The Tolhouse

  • King Street, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
  • OSGB – TG 5249 0725


Medieval fortified house. Used as a Medieval Town Hall, Court of Justice, prison and received Port Dues. Was the centre of Medieval administration for the town and the borough court.


1150                            c: Built.

13th C                          Built.

1362                            Stephen de Stalham bequeathed it to his wife.

14th C                          Privately owned and leased to the town.

1552                            Corporation property.

1776                            Gaol visited by John Howard.

1808                            Land next to the site was bought and the gaol extended.

1818-1824                   Enlarged by Francis Stone.

1851                            Alterations.

1858-1859                   Alterations.

1882                            Town Hall built.

1883                            New prison building demolished and original building left.

1980                            Field Investigation.

1995                            Architectural survey.


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