Stradsett Hall


  • Lime Avenue, Stradsett, Norfolk
  • OSGB – TF 6665 0576
  • Grade II Listed Building plus gates.


Medieval moat.

Owned by the Bagge family, Picot family, Goldsmith family and the Case family.


1558-1603                   c: Built.

1570                            Onwards: Owned by the Bagge family.

16th C                          Moated.

1810                            William Bagge was born at the Hall.

1810-1813                   A 108ha park laid out by J.C. Louden.

1820                            c: Refaced.

1880                            William Bagge died.

1883                            Held by the dowager Lady Frances Bagge.

1979                            Field Investigation.

20th C                          No trace of the moat.



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